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Korean company presented the basic concept of creating a "smart city" in Bolshoy Kamen

The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok, together with the Ministry of Land Resources, Infrastructure and Transport and LH Corporation, presented an interim result of the preparation of a project for the conceptual development of a "smart city". The Government of Primorye is considering the possibility of introducing modern technologies on the territory of the industrial park "Bolshoy Kamen". This issue was discussed at a videoconference chaired by the Deputy Chairamen of Primorye Konstantin Shestakov.

According to the Korean side, the final version of the Smart City concept for the Bolshoy Kamen industrial park within the framework of the K-City Network global cooperation program is planned to be presented in May-June of this year. 

“The development of the digital economy has led to increased interest in smart cities. They are developing in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, the goal is to ensure a positive transformation of the urban environment and achieve a synergistic effect from the development of cities, ”the experts said during the presentation.

According to the basic concept of Smart City, it is planned to implement four main directions on the territory of the industrial park:
- “smart” management of the industrial complex (for example, monitoring the workflow using sensors, monitoring and managing the process of loading and unloading containers, robotic automatic sorting of cargo and a system for monitoring the diagnostics of the internal state of the cargo);
- "smart" energy (solar energy in the industrial complex);
- "smart" response in emergency situations ("smart" street lights, evacuation system in emergency situations, monitoring system for forest fire prevention);

- "operational management" (center of integrated control and management, control over data collection, creation of services based on the open platform of the "smart city").
Based on the results of the analysis of the prospects for the development of the Bolshoy Kamen territory, which the Korean specialists carried out with the assistance of the Primorye Development Corporation and the regional Investment Agency, the main emphasis was placed on the promising global and regional role of the urban district.

“Globally, by developing the potential of the industrial sector based on the Zvezda shipbuilding complex, Bolshoy Kamen can become one of the leading logistics and shipbuilding centers in the Russian Far East and in the Northern Sea Route network. The creation of a “smart city” in Bolshoy Kamen and the development of a large-scale industrial park will help to strengthen, first of all, regional competitiveness for doing business in Primorye in the logistics, trade and industry, ”LH Corporation noted in its report.

The industrial park "Bolshoy Kamen" is being implemented as a new measure of state support for manufacturing enterprises of Primorye. The industrial park will be located on an area of 172 hectares in the suburb of Bolshoy Kamen in close proximity to the Zvezda shipbuilding complex. The start of construction is scheduled for 2021. The operator of the Bolshoy Kamen industrial park is the Primorsky Territory Development Corporation JSC.
The project for the development of a "smart city" in Primorye is included in the 2020 K-City Network Global Cooperation Program.