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Excavation work began in the industrial park "Bolshoy Kamen"

On the basis of a mutual agreement with the Primorsky Krai Development Corporation JSC, Zvezda SSC has started dumping soil in order to prepare land plots on the territory of the Bolshoy Kamen industrial park.

According to the PKDC JSC, the construction of the industrial park is planned to begin in 2022. At the moment, in cooperation with SSK "Zvezda", preparatory earthworks are being carried out.

“During the large-scale construction of the Zvezda shipbuilding complex, surpluses of high-quality soil are formed, which is now successfully used in preparatory work within the framework of the creation of an industrial park,” the PKDC JSC reported.

By order of the developer, for the implementation of the Bolshoy Kamen industrial park project, design estimates for the first stage of construction of facilities on plots with an area of 17.5 hectares were developed. Engineering surveys have been carried out. A number of negotiations were held with potential participants, memorandums of cooperation were concluded.

“The number of applications will grow: we continue to accept applications from those wishing to become residents of the industrial park. There are a number of companies that are interested in cooperation with the Zvezda shipbuilding complex. We are negotiating with them, offering to locate production in close proximity to the end consumer in order to localize as much as possible and thereby create additional jobs and tax flow in the Primorsky Territory, "said the Investment Project Management Department of the Primorsky Territory Development Corporation JSC.

As the developers have specified, the park's specialization is industrial production and logistics in the field of shipbuilding, localization of related industries of the shipbuilding complex. Own industry specificity is possible.

“The main advantage of industrial parks in world practice is the availability of already prepared land plots for the location of production facilities. Investors have the opportunity to gain access to all the necessary infrastructure, roads, electricity, gas, water supply, in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. The industrial park will be built within the framework of a national project to support entrepreneurship, in this regard, it is planned to establish preferential rates for renting premises or land, as a measure of support for business. We hope that this will allow localizing production in the field of shipbuilding, the fishing industry and not only, ”commented Igor Trofimov, Executive Director of the Primorsky Krai Development Corporation.

The total area of the industrial park is 172 hectares. It is planned that the project will be fully implemented by the end of 2025.

“Bolshoi Kamen has become the base for the location of the industrial park for a reason. World experience shows that a large enterprise becomes a magnet for small and medium-sized businesses. This is exactly what we expect from SSK Zvezda. Primorye should have its own manufacturers of components and consumables that are required for finishing and equipping ships. The industrial park Bolshoy Kamen should become a platform for the creation of such enterprises, ”said Konstantin Shestakov, Deputy Chairman Minister of the Primorsky Territory.