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A ring road will appear in the gambling zone "Primorye"

In 2022, the construction of two sections of the road will be completed, which will provide access roads to all investment sites for existing and future investors.

With the onset of warm temperatures, the specialists of the Spetssu JSC started the construction of the pavement: a concrete-crushed stone base is being prepared and the curb is being installed. The total length of sector 7 of the road is 1.3 km.

"This section of the road leads to the Diamond Fortune section where the Imperial hotel and entertainment complex will be built, and to vacant section 24, which is available to investors," clarified the executive director of JSC "PKDC" Igor Trofimov.

Completion of construction of the 7th sector of the road is planned in early autumn. The company "Spetssu" JSC won a tender for the construction of the 8th sector of the road, with a length of 967 meters.
“Construction of the 8th sector will begin in 2021 and will be completed in 2022. It will dock with the 6th sector of the road, which has already been built and is located near the existing Shambhala facility and Turtle Lake,” said Igor Trofimov.

In total, in the territory of the Primorye gambling zone, the territory planning project provides for 10 road sectors with a total length of almost 12.4 km. The construction of infrastructure facilities is carried out at the expense of state funds as a measure of support for investors. To date, more than 50% of the road infrastructure construction work has been completed.