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Head of Rostourism: the development of the tourist resort "Primorye" should be comprehensive

Today, there are two entertainment complexes Tigre de Cristal and Shambala on the territory. It is planned to complete the construction of all the facilities of the first stage on an area of 263 hectares by 2025.

"The construction of entertainment facilities for all investors in a tourist resort should be carried out in a complex, so that in two or three years we will open more than one casino and complete the construction of the first stage of the project comprehensively" says Zarina Doguzova.

According to the head of Rostourism, it is also necessary not to forget about the general concept of the territory, since in the future the gambling and entertainment resort "Primorye" will be promoted to the international tourism market as a single territory for recreation and tourism.

“Tourists should come to the gambling zone not only for the sake of gambling, but it is also important to provide for entertainment facilities: a year-round swimming pool, landscaping of the beach area, Turtle Lake, construction of golf courses, recreational and walking areas, as well as places for family recreation. Operators of entertainment complexes can pay special attention to the architectural concept of the building so that there are truly iconic and recognizable tourist sites appears in Primorye", - recommended the Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Zarina Doguzova during the site visiting.

Igor Trofimov, Executive Director of the Primorsky Krai Development Corporation, said that three investors are actively working on their projects. According to him, in the near future, an investor from the Kingdom of Cambodia, Naga Corporation Ltd. the Russian contractor will resume construction of an 11-storey hotel with a casino and a concert hall, which is already over 60% ready. In September, the Russian investor Shambala NJSC is preparing to begin construction of a hotel complex with 270 rooms. And also in the second quarter of 2021, Hong Kong investor Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd. plans to conclude an agreement for the design of the Tigre de Cristal Phase 2. Three investment sites on the territory of the Primorye gambling zone are free to implement new projects. 

The project operator, Primorsky Krai Development Corporation JSC, reported that the construction of transport and engineering infrastructure of the first stage of the project was completed by almost 60% - more than 5 km of roads, power supply and water supply systems were built. Part of financing for the construction of facilities is carried out under the Federal Target Program for the Development of Tourism in the Russian Federation.

In general, almost 1.4 billion rubles have been approved from the federal budget until 2022 inclusive. These funds are included in the federal budget and are fixed in the agreements between the Federal Tourism Agency and the Government of the Primorsky Territory.