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Shambala presented a statistical summary for 2020

At the end of 2020, the Shambala casino in the Primorye gambling and entertainment zone was visited by guests from 24 countries, and women began to visit casino more often.

According to the press service of Shambala NJSC, the geography of visits did not bring sensations. The bulk of guests came to the casino from Vladivostok (67%), Artem (10%), Primorsky Krai as a whole (9%), as well as neighboring Sakhalin (7%) and Khabarovsk Krai (4%), however, there were also guests from other regions of Russia (3%).
Despite the international isolation, foreign guests of the Shambala casino still attended: 3,780 guests from 24 countries. Of these: 864 guests from Asian countries and 2849 guests from neighboring countries. “Another figure, the responsibility for which lies entirely with the pandemic: in 2020, more than 50,000 medical masks were handed out to guests at the Shambala casino,” the press service comments.

The company's employees also made a portrait of the average guest of the Shambala casino in the Primorye gambling zone: a man from the Primorsky Territory from 25 to 35 years old, with an average check for a game of 8,439 rubles. and for a restaurant 1,539 rubles.
In general, there are slightly more men in the casino than women: 58% versus 42%, while 62% of all visitors aged 21 to 36 were women from Primorye.

“Earlier in Russia, women visited gambling casinos much less often than men. Now the situation is seriously changing. Girls come to the casino not only to play, but also to have a good time in a restaurant or watch a show on the casino stage. Some come in pairs, some with friends or girlfriends. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of joy, loyalty and openness for people who come to get positive emotions, communicate and relax.

We are interested in both couples and families, including those whose plans do not include play. We have enough events: shows, concerts, draws, restaurants with excellent service and excellent cuisine. The sooner the casino ceases to be a closed male elite club in the eyes of consumers, the better. - says the director of NJSC "Shambala" Maxim Smolentsev.

On average, every day in 2020, about 550 guests were at the Shambala casino. “Naturally, there are peak periods and special days in gambling establishments. So on Fridays in the Shambala casino there are much more guests - 700 people, than, say, on Monday - 400 people. And the most serious sold-out was, of course, at the opening - more than 2300 guests. In 2021, this record was broken, on the day of the Klava Koka concert, almost 2,500 guests visited the casino, ”the press service noted.

The gaming preferences of guests in 2020 were distributed as follows: 64% of guests prefer to play on machines, followed by 32% of roulette and poker - 11% of guests. As long as the borders are closed, baccarat remains entertainment for the few. During the reporting period, 78 guests showed interest in it. The average bill by type of games in 2020 was 4520 rubles. roulette, 5780 rubles. poker, 2750 rub. machines.

“The start turned out to be difficult, and a lot was done in the form of a feat. This applies both to the terms of launching the facility, and to the amount of work performed ”- comments the director of the NAO Shambala, Maxim Smolentsev. “We are very grateful to our guests. And in 2020, although it was for everyone from the category “you never dreamed of”, we are grateful too. We managed to open up and receive our first guests. I think life will get better in the near future, and people tend to forget all the bad things, but remember the bright and pleasant moments of life. There will be more and more such moments. It is necessary to make up for the life that has been postponed for the duration of the pandemic."


Shambala NJSC is a Russian gambling operator. The company has been operating since February 2004, when the first Nirvana casino was opened in Krasnodar. The company also operated the Shambala casino in Krasnodar and the Shambala and Nirvana casinos in the Azov City gambling zone. In the period from 2016 to 2018, about 1000 people worked in the Shambala NJSC.

The Shambhala casino was opened in Irz Primorye on October 16, 2020. The design and construction of the facility began in November 2018.

Daniil Chentemirov, press attaché of Shambala CJSC, Primorye gambling zone
Tel .: + 7 961 855-55-59