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Industrial Park "Bolshoy Kamen" became part of the TOD

From now on, residents of the first industrial park in Primorye have available not only privileges for renting a land plot or a warehouse, but also tax preferences within the framework of the Bolshoy Kamen ASEZ regime.

According to Igor Trofimov, executive director of the Primorsky Development Corporation, a lot of work has been done jointly by the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, subordinate to the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, to create new conditions for business in the industrial park.

“At the moment, the industrial park has free land plots that can be considered for the location of production facilities. The construction of the transport and engineering infrastructure will be resolved in working order together with the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2022. Close cooperation of development institutions within the framework of the implementation of large-scale regional investment projects can significantly increase the efficiency of work on the development of the region and increase its investment attractiveness, "said Igor Trofimov.

As stated in the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, the territory of advanced development "Bolshoy Kamen", like other ASEZ, is designed to stimulate priority sectors of the economy and attract new investors, contributing to an increase in the standard of living of residents of the region. PDA residents have access to a wide range of benefits and preferences, including reduced tax rates, insurance premiums, and a number of simplified administrative procedures.

According to Sergei Skali, Director of the Resident Policy Department of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, preferential treatment is becoming a key factor in the social and economic development of Primorye.

“A special preferential regime for priority development territories offered investors a whole range of special conditions for conducting economic activities aimed at developing production facilities, attracting investments and producing products that are competitive in the Asia-Pacific region. All these measures and the work carried out jointly with the regional authorities for the construction and commissioning of infrastructure facilities make it possible for businesses to start projects more easily and further expand them through incentives and tax preferences. Investors find promising niches, breakthrough technologies, launch their projects and make a profit. In the Primorsky Territory, residents are implementing a number of ambitious economic projects in various sectors of the economy, getting the opportunity to significantly recoup their investments and produce products in demand. I am sure that the Bolshoy Kamen industrial park will serve as another argument for investors: it is necessary to use the prospects provided by the Russian Far East today, without postponing the development of business and the growth of its own capitalization “until later,” said Sergei Skali.

To date, 516 companies conduct investment activities in priority development areas, 141 projects have been implemented. More than 25% of the declared investments or 1.2 trillion rubles have already been invested. Almost 40,000 Far Easterners work at the factories and plants that have been put into operation, and as a result of the full implementation of all the announced projects, 94.5 thousand jobs will be created.

The construction of the industrial park is planned to begin in 2022. About 600 jobs will be created. At the moment, in cooperation with SSK "Zvezda", preparatory earthworks are already underway at the site of the industrial park. The Zvezda shipyard is a link for the residents of the industrial park.

The park specializes in industrial production and logistics in the field of shipbuilding, localization of related industries of the shipbuilding complex. Own industry specificity is possible. Lease of a land plot with an area of 1 hectare - 28,500 rubles per month (excluding VAT), a production and storage facility with an area of 1 square meter - 200 rubles per month (excluding VAT).