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Investor of the integrated resort «Primorye» started to construct a new casino

       The resident at the integrated resort «Primorye» continues to create the new object - hotel complex with casino «Selena». The specialists have completed the preparation work and even intend to finish the construction ahead of schedule.

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       As the executive manager of the company «Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim» LLC Evgenia Varakina told, today the resident has completed earthworks on two sites in the IR, which are leased for the construction of the Selena complex.

       «We got the necessary permits and started an active phase of work. Today company maintains retaining walls. Whatever is required for the pit is ready for the 95 percent», explained the company's executive manager Evgenia Varakina.

       According to her, the construction of a new casino in the integrated resort «Primorye» may be completed before the deadline.

       «Remind you that the deadline for the completion of the Selena complex first stage, according to the investment agreement, is in 2020. Nevertheless, we will do our best to open Selena in 2019. The second phase is due for completion in 2022», said a spokesperson for the company «Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim» LLC .


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       On its first stage the complex Selena will include a hotel for 295 rooms, a casino for at least 100 gaming tables and 500 automatic machines. Note that since the tax on gambling in Russia is fixed and is calculated mostly on the basis of the number of gambling equipment units, according to preliminary estimates by «Primorsky Krai Development Corporation» JSC, Selena casino will bring about 16 million rubles a month to the Primorsky Territory budget or about 200 million rubles a year.The total building area of ​​the complex Selena will be more than 174 thousand square meters. At the final stage, Selena will consist of two hotels with standard and luxury hotel rooms, casinos, restaurants, retail areas. A special feature of the complex will be the SPA-center.


Selena 2


       In September 2016 Diamond Fortune Holdings also signed an agreement with the Russian company N-Tech Lab to establish the face detection system in the integrated entertainment resort Primorye. As N-Tech.Lab experts explained, the company's technologies are designed to strengthen security and to establish interaction with regular visitors. The system is able to identify a person if he at least once visited a casino, to identify his habits and preferences and even to identify those who spend more money.

       It should be pointed out that the second casino in the IER «Primorye» is planned to be built by the end of 2018. At the moment the company «Primorsky Entertainment Resorts City» actively works on the construction of the first stage of its hotel and entertainment complex «Naga Entertainment City» («Mayak»).

       At the stage of approval of the outline plan of its second facility the «Tigre de Cristal» operator - «G1 Entertainment» LLC.According to the company's management, the presentation of the project before the working group of the Primorsky Krai should be held this year also.

       The developer of the integrated entertainment resort «Primorye» Primorsky Krai Development Corporation JSC in 2017 will pave the way to two new entertainment complexes – «Mayak» and «Selena». The general contractor has already entered the construction site and will work to implement the second phase of the water and wastewater systems construction, as well as work to create 2.6 kilometers of the highway in the third and fifth sectors. In addition, the design of 7 and 8 sectors of the road with a total length of 2.3 kilometers is completed. It is planned to start designing the motorway sector 10, for the organization of transport and engineering infrastructure of the construction site with total length of 2.4 kilometers.