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Publicated on 1st of August, 2016

The official opening of a unique for the Far East virtual golf club was held in Primorye today, August 1. Interactive equipment is installed in the casino Tigre de Cristal in the territory of the integrated entertainment resort «Primorye».



According to the director of the Department of Tourism of Primorye Konstantin Shestakov, this form of recreation is very popular in South Korea, Europe and the United States. In many countries even professional tournaments are conducted with the golf simulator.

«We try to meet the global trends, increasing the tourist attractiveness of the region. Virtual golf club is one of entertainment projects, which will contribute to this,» - he stressed.


According to the head of the agency, in the future the territory of an integrated entertainment resort will comprise cinemas and shops, a real golf club, aqua parks, sports infrastructure etc.

The virtual version of the worldwide popular game was firstly presented to the representatives of the regional and federal media. The executive director of «G1 Entertainment» Craig Ballantyne explained the rules of the game.

«The game requires from one to six participants. Independently guests choose the field of play from the 120 options, the distance, difficulty level, and even the weather - sun, fog or rain. Sticks for the game are free of charge,» - he said.


The simulator itself is a photographically simulated golf course on the big screen and a touch area, a coating that imitates cropped and tall grass and sand. This allows the player to feel like in the real conditions.

«Everything is like in a real golf - the player is configured, making a wave, and strikes with a stick. Then the screen is broadcasting the flight and landing of the ball. There is even virtual applause, if the player has shown good results,» - Craig Ballantyne added.

It should be mentioned that today Tigre de Cristal is the largest casino in Russia, a hotel, claiming the five-staller level, and two gourmet restaurants.

In a few years in 2020 22 hotels and several entertainment facilities will be built in the Muravinaya Bay. It is about 20 thousand new working places and hundreds of millions in tax revenues to the regional budget.

Entertainment resort «Primorye» has become increasingly popular among foreign tourists. Since its opening in October 2015 it has been visited by more than 100 thousand visitors. On average it is about 500 people a day. According to the representative of the complex, for the last time this figure has doubled, reaching a thousand of people per day.

We remind that the key investors of the IER «Primorye» are «G1 Entertainment» together with Melco International Development Limited, a Malaysian company NagaCorp Ltd, «Royal Time Primorye» and «Diamond Fortune Holdings Notes». The total amount of signed investment contracts for the construction of hotels and casinos in IER «Primorye» was more than 113 billion rubles.

According to the Governor of Primorye Vladimir Miklushevskiy, the development of the entertainment resort will have a positive impact on the increase in inbound and domestic tourist traffics and as well provide new jobs and increase the hotel facilities in the region.